About Katy


Katy Oberle is a Columbus, OH-based spiritually-centered folk-pop singer/songwriter/guitarist. Inspired by the early works of Joni Mitchell and Jewel and influenced by the traditions of Unitarian Universalism and Buddhism, Katy’s songs are vulnerable, validating, and uplifting, as is her soothing soprano voice and gentle guitar accompaniment. 

Katy, an empath and spiritual seeker, has always been fascinated by relationships—within one’s self, between people, and in terms of the interconnected web of life. Her professional path led her to become a couples and family therapist, which in turn influenced her musical journey. Her passion to combine the realms of therapy, spirituality, and music resulted in her 2020 studio album, “Shine,” comprised of 14 original songs about love, loss, connection, and kindness. Audiences can expect Katy to bring a mindful presence to the stage, characterized by charm, warmth, and vulnerability, as she shares her overriding message that “when we are kind, we make the world shine.”