This is the final week of our June theme, COMPASSION. 

Here is an article about compassion, which cites several research studies with different populations on the applications/benefits of compassion practice! 


5.20.19: SILENCE

Today’s MMM is a brief article about silent meditation:

The Challenges of Silent Meditation 

"For centuries, silent meditation was reserved for the privileged few who had renounced the world and sought communion – with the divine, the universe, or…

5.13.19: SILENCE

This is the second week of our May MMM theme, SILENCE. 

Here is a 6-minute silent meditation (with a bell every minute): https://youtu.be/qUCpjY-aPO4

You can also download for free the app “Insight Timer” which allows you to choose the type…

5.6.19: SILENCE

Happy May! Our Monday Mindfulness Minute theme for May is SILENCE

I spent the weekend at a silent Vipassana meditation retreat in southwest Ohio. Although the sitting meditations throughout the weekend were the most challenging aspect of the retreat…

4.15.19: THINKING

Today’s MMM is from mindfulness expert and teacher Jack Kornfield. Read an excerpt below. Link for entire article is here:

"Our life is shaped and determined by our thoughts. Usually we are only half conscious of the way thoughts…