5.3.21: SPIRIT

It's May, so we have a new MMM theme, SPIRIT.

Today's offering comes from author, philosopher, and mindfulness/meditation coach C.G. Mayya. He talks about how, in our Western culture, mindfulness has been embraced "more as a practice and discipline" than as a religion, but that mindfulness has its roots in Buddhism. He then asks and attempts to answer the question, Does mindfulness have a spiritual quality to it?

He says that, "practiced correctly, mindfulness can lead to insight into the human condition and free us from our inner struggles and conflicts in life. If there is anything spiritual about mindfulness, then it is the ability to free us from the grasp of our own ego. This is the summon bonum, the lofty goal of most spiritual traditions."

He goes on to say that "when we bring awareness to our breathing without clinging to the one who is breathing or when we observe the nature around us without the sense of an observer, then there is a moment of true mindfulness, the recognition of what can be called as “emptiness.” In such a practice of mindfulness, the experience of every moment can be deepened" and can therefore take on a spiritual quality. 

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