It's June, and that means a new MMM theme! This month it's AWARENESS. 

Today's selection comes from MindWorks, a non-profit created by five long-time meditators whose mission is to pay it forward by sharing the many joys of practice with others:  

"While every form of meditation requires awareness, awareness meditation refers to a specific method that is also referred to as insight meditation. Calling upon the qualities of presence developed through mindfulness practice, awareness meditation is an active investigation into the nature of mind and how it functions. 

With mindfulness, we learn to recognize and acknowledge what’s going on in the mind, moment by moment, without judgment and with benevolence, and to let it go. With awareness, we use our awareness of the thoughts, emotions and sensations that arise in the mindstream as the actual focal point of the meditation. Perhaps we could say we explore the gaps between those thoughts, to discover a more spacious state of mind. Or, we can actively investigate the nature of these mental events. It may sound like an intellectual exercise, but when practiced properly, awareness meditation circumvents intellectual ponderings and provides direct insight into the nature of mind."

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